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I’ve just finished watching Nightcrawler, the movie with Jake Gylenhaal. Wow. I’d heard a lot of good things but what a great fuckin movie. It was fantastic, and it was proof positive that a character doesn’t have to be ‘likeable’ for a story to be good. It was very noir. The shots of LA were fantastic. You know what was likeable about the character of Louis Bloom? His work ethic. He had an admirable work ethic, albeit an incredibly amoral one. My favourite line in the film – ‘Maybe my problem isn’t that I don’t understand people, it’s that I don’t like them.’ Those kinds of misanthropic world views are the kind of thing that really turn me on. Don’t sugarcoat bullshit, just tell the fucking truth. There are people out there that hate other people, let’s tell a story about them where they’re the heroes. Not everything has to be sunshine and light, let’s have some darkness. My main gripe with writing has always been when you get a story rejected on the grounds the characters weren’t ‘likeable’. What the fuck have they been reading? I can’t remember the last time I read a book where the characters were ‘likeable’. Admirable maybe, but not necessarily likeable. I want to read about people the Nietzchean Will To Power, I want to read about the Ubermenschen of this world. I might not want to live entirely that way, but I sure as whit want to read about it. I admire the people that make their own way, that don’t compromise, that serve no masters but themselves. Isn’t that what we’re all striving for? Only by perfecting ourselves can we achieve unity with each other.

I think I’ve digressed. Anyway, it was a thoroughly awesome movie. I haven’t seen all of Jake Gylenhaal’s movies, but every one I have seen has been fantastic.

Heard this song today, it’s a couple of years old but it was my first time, it sounds pretty special, im loving it, something totally different.

In writing news, I’m working on some novellas for the future, watch this space! I’m planning on stengthening my work ethic and pushing for new heights, a la Mr Bloom, although I do plan on sleeping.