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I’m getting really bad at this. I’m still here! I haven’t forgotten about you, blog! I know I need to update, so here I am!

Still working hard in terms of stories. I might slack on the blog but I’m pretty reliable when it comes to fiction. Fiction takes precedence, without the fiction I would have no reason for this blog in the first place. When I’m at work all day then I get home and need to work out and eat etc it leaves little time late at night, so if it’s a choice between blogging and fiction the stories are going to win every time. I get little enough sleep as it is. I’ll try to get better though, for the handful of people that might occasionally find their way here. Hi. Go back a few posts, I write stories, there are links.

Anyway, how about a cultural check-in?

Despite what most reviews seem to be stating, I’ve really been enjoying the second season of True Detective. Colin Farrell has been amazing, Vince Vaughan has impressed, and Taylor Kitsch has gotten better as the show went on. To my mind Rachael McAdams had nothing to prove as she’s always been a strong talent. The shoutout at the end of episode four? Awesome. The sex party last episode? Again, awesome. What’s everyone’s problem with the show? McConneghey and Harrelson aren’t in this one, get over it, it was never gonna be the first season all over again. It’s been smart, it’s been dark, and it’s been interesting, what more do people want? If people want to bitch on they really need to stop and ask themselves – what’re the alternatives? Criminal Minds? CSI? There’re plenty of shitty procedurals out there, take your pick and good luck.

After a pretty ropy opening with the first few episodes of Hannibal season three it finally picked up and the last few have been spectacular. It’s regularly called stylish but the problem at the start of this season was way too much style and almost zero substance. See how it goes tonight with the three year leap and the introduction of the Tooth Fairy, who I understand is played by the king of the dwarves from The Hobbit trilogy. Shame it’s the last season, hopefully it comes to a satisfying conclusion.

Wayward Pines? I liked it. It was trashy, but it was fun. The final episode was fucking AMAZING – until the last few minutes. Put a bit of a downer on everything that came before, and it had HUGE holes in its logic.

But you know what’s blown me away with its third season? Banshee. Holy shit, what a fucking show. Check it out, that’s all I can say. It’s a brutal bloodbath of fun with some brilliantly colourful characters – Job is my favourite, bitch. If you watch the show, that ‘bitch’ will be relevant. I look forward to the new episode of Banshee every week.

Saw Ant Man on Monday, that was fun too. The more I think about it the more I like it, it had some great moments in it. Also, I feel it might have some relevance on the next Captain America, which actually looks more and more like another Avengers movie.

Finished reading Blood’s a Rover by James Ellroy. Just finished reading The Gospel Singer by Harry Crews last night, but it has another novella at the back called Asher Does One Go When There’s Nowhere Else To Go. After that, who knows? I’ve got plenty to choose from.