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Well it’s been a few months now since I released The Boy out into the world, wrapping up the very loose trilogy that began with The Motel Whore and was continued in The Vampire. I’m currently working on something new, so,etching set entirely outside the continuity of the trilogy, something standalone. Two somethings, in fact, but thus far I’ve only read one of them so the other could fall apart at the first proof-read. I’m hopeful that it doesn’t. Unlike the trilogy, which was American-set, this new one is closer to home, in Northumberland, in a small coastal town based on the one I grew up in. More details to come closer to the time I decide to release it (which will hopefully be soon), but in the meantime I will continue to read the fuck out of it to get it into publishing shape, and I’ll take a look at this other one, too. I’d say these two are more violent than the trilogy, whereas the trilogy had a lot more sex.

Anyway, in the meantime, here’s some links to the trilogy for anyone that might be interested. Fair warning in advance – they’re dark, they’re graphic, they don’t hold any punches. Other than that they’re fun for all the family!

The Motel Whore:

The Vampire:

The Boy:

Happy reading!