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Saw the new Avengers film last week, it was pretty sweet. I enjoyed it a lot, but I notice a lot of reviews citing it as ‘formulaic ‘. I guess until Marvel have a failure it’s gonna remain ‘formulaic’. Let’s wait and see how Ant Man does – though I recall people were saying the same thing about Guardians of the Galaxy and that did pretty damn well for itself. It’s certainly one of my favourites, I’ve seen it three times since it came out and that’s kind of a record for me – usually I’m always moving on to the next thing, no time to to dwell on past things, no matter how much I enjoyed them. One day the rhythm of Marvel’s movies will start to falter and people will lose interest, but that probably won’t happen until after Phase 3 has wrapped up. Hopefully not, anyway. They have ambition, and it’s always admirable to have ambition. Certain reviewers, those that consider themselves ‘highbrow’ are gleefully handing out one star if they’re feeling generous, but these are the same reviewers that don’t really get turned on unless something is black and white and French. Saying that, La Haine is one of my favourite films. But it’s better to have diverse tastes than narrow ones. Imagine if you only ever worked and read and watched in one genre? How fucking boring would that get?

Game of Thrones season five has been pretty awesome so far, too. I’m excited to see where this one goes. Apparently one of the naked girls from episode three, the ‘maiden’, is local to the area I live in. Facebook lit up with this fact shortly after the episode aired. I’ve had to stall on Daredevil for the moment though as I need to get The Boy wrapped up. Four episodes in and I’m eager to get back to it, but it came time to prioritise.

Speaking of, I’m looking to get The Boy released some time this week, I want to give it one more read through first then it’s good to go. This will wrap up the very loose trilogy began with The Motel Whore and continued in The Vampire, and then it’s time to move on to new and different things.

Dont want to get too formulaic!