Just Like Jesus

by | Jun 26, 2020 | Uncategorized

My new book is out today! Available as both Kindle and paperback, here’s the description of my twelfth and newest:

‘Ed and Dan are old friends. When Ed finds himself jobless and down on his luck, Dan is quick to offer him work. But Dan is a drug dealer, and now Ed is his driver.

Life is good, cruising the summer sun drenched roads of Northumberland, hooking up with girls.

But the good times can’t last forever. Not when there are hidden jealousies threatening to tear them apart. Not when there are dangerous men, like Smithy, who only cares about his money…’

Not only that, but also out today from Close To The Bone is Tom Leins’ newest, Ten Pints Of Blood! Tom is one of my favourite authors and I’m very pleased to be release day book buddies with him.

Here are links for Just Like Jesus: