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A few weeks ago all the shows I was watching seemed to end almost simultaneously (well, within a few weeks of each other). I’ve been somewhat bereft since then. However! Fear The Walking Dead started the other week. I love zombie shit, always have, ever since I first saw the remake of Night of the Living Dead (yes, the remake). I saw the original not long after, and since then I’ve hunted out as many good zombie films as I can. I love The Walking Dead. I actually prefer the show to tthe comic, though they’re both entertaining in their own right. Fear The Walking Dead got off to a good start, I’m really enjoying the menacing, tense slow burn. Eager to see where it goes.

But I’ve also started watching Rectify. Seen the first four episodes of season one so far. Now that’s a real slow burn, but the characterisation and dialogue have been absolutely perfect so far, the performances are all spot-on. The main guy, I think he’s called Aden Young, reminds me a lot in his mannerisms of Tom Hardy, and his American accent is quite similar to Mr Hardy’s American accent too (I believe Aden Young is Australian). It’s a quite melancholy affair, though has real flashes of humour and hope interspersed throughout. But did he kill her? Didn’t he?? It’s one of those shows that hasn’t really blown up with audiences and I think it’s pretty much unknown over here, but it’s certainly worth checking out. I heard of it through the singer Jim White posting about it on Facebook, and I really enjoyed the creator Ray McKinnon’s appearance in season four of Sons of Anarchy.

Anyway, winter is coming so there’s probably gonna be a whole hell of a lot more TV to check out before long. The Walking Dead and Arrow will probably return soon. What else is there?? I’m sure there’s more… Actually, speaking of Sons of Anarchy I still need to check out the last two seasons!