True Detective

by | Jul 5, 2015 | Uncategorized

this song. This song right here. It’s been stuck in my head. I had to come in out of the sunshine to listen to it.

Anyway, True Detective season 2. I loved season one, it was my TV highlight of last year and I’ve since waited impatiently for season 2. I’ve really enjoyed the first two episodes. Know what I didn’t enjoy? The way people seemed prepared to shit all over it straight from the get go. Yeah, Matthew McConneaghey (spelling??) and Woody Harrelson aren’t in it anymore, and Cary Fukunaga isn’t directing every episode, and the theme tune is no longer The Handsome Family, but that’s no reason to jump all over it and try to kick the carcass before it’s even been born. A link circulated on Facebook the day after the first episode aired listing something like thirty one or fifty one things wrong with episode one. I never clicked the link, the title pissed me off enough. First episodes are exposition heavy, always, and judgement could perhaps be eased a little when bearing in mind this is an anthology show – new setting, new story, new characters – and I personally thought it did a damn find job of breaking us in to the rest of it. Colin Farrell has been the standout performance so far, I’m looking forward to see how the others fare, especially Vince Vaughan. My only qualm is if Taylor Kitsch’s characters big secret turns out to be he’s gay. In 2015 that really doesn’t seem such a big deal, but we’ll see.

Episode three tomorrow.