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Just an update to the Child 44 post the other day – Vasili isn’t played by Vincent Cassell in the movie, he’s played by Joel Kinnaman. Which makes me think Cassell is playing the leader of the militia where Leo has been demoted to in the book, that’s where I’m up to.

I was dragged to the Metro Centre yesterday. I don’t like going there, but I did cheer myself up with trips to HMV and Waterstones. Who doesn’t love spending money they don’t have? I got the first four volumes of Saga by Brian K Vaughn. I’ve heard good things about it so I’m looking forward to reading them, I’m getting near the end of The Incal now. I also picked up the second, third and fourth books in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books. The lady that served me in Waterstones asked if I was working my way through them, and I said yes, but I wasn’t happy that I was one of those people that didn’t start until he’d died. But oh well.

Also expanded my hip-hop collection. Got a Pharcyde CD which I listened to on my way to and from work today and it was hella good, got a couple of Die Antwoord’s, and the new Young Fathers album, which I didn’t even know was out, so that was exciting. Plus, I’m going to see them at the end of this month, so it’s good to be up to date.

The Boy is continuing as hoped, fingers crossed (but no guarantees) that it will be out this week. Pretty sure I’ve said that for a few weeks now. It’s gonna be like fucking Christmas when I release it, and hopefully people will enjoy it just as much.